Slowing down and reconnecting with ourselves

When I had thought about starting this blog page I has envisioned that I would begin a piece on Spring and activities to do with your little ones . I never would have guessed that this Spring will forever be different to any other in our lifetimes so far . Instead of emerging from our Winter cocoons to spend time together in playgrounds and parks we are being asked to isolate ourselves and remain away from others as much as possible. This goes against our very instincts as we are all drawn to the outside and light that Spring brings. However to protect those among us that we love , those whose health cannot withstand this terrible virus and to support those wonderful people in the medical profession and the retailers that risk coming to work to ensure we have medical help and food this is the course we must follow.

For the past few days leading up to the closure of our schools I listened with fervour to the news bulletins with numbers and sources of cases rising exponentially within Europe , the virus seeming to get ever closer with each new hour. I saw with horror the panic buying , people running from stores with overflowing trolleys despite the assurances of the Governments that there is enough for everyone. Today I have decided to stop listening and reading . I will restrict it to one news bulletin every evening and still the rising anxiety that hearing different versions of the same story brings. We took a walk to the sea this afternoon and the still calm blue always brings solace to my mind . the slow lapping over and back reminds one that time will always move forward and that this too shall pass.

So instead of the outdoor and Spring family posts I had planned for the blog I am going to publish daily ideas about crafts , games , lessons and exercises that we can do to enjoy this time and not spend too many stationary hours scrolling or consuming media . Take care everyone ….