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How to be an home explorer

Kids & Family .. things to do at home !

Families and children all across the world have been forced into a new reality. The new norm is a stay-at-home situation.  We believe even in these exceptional times children can still have fun. By exploring our creativity we can be happy and have fun.  This page has some suggestions for everyone to find the artist within them and to find the interesting with our homes. Together we can celebrate the small things .

Suitcase of curiosities

Need some inspiration  ?  Take a look at the ideas featured here. In this time of isolation it's beautiful to see wonderful creative and colourful work from around the world

wall art

credit to @marianbwaters ,Greystones Ireland

Copenhagen craft houses

Credit to @thegirllikesrainbows , Copenhagen Denmark


Where to begin . The first step is always the hardest but there is no correct way of understanding things. To begin collect objects , take simple objects from your home . Look and look again and you will find you have so many objects.  When you have collected some objects then play with them , organize them , make new arrangements and observe what arrangements that have been made. To be creative you do not need fancy materials . You can use what you have . A pencil and some paper.  With just a pencil you can sketch , make rubbings , trace.

use the hashtag #quarantinewithkids to upload your work


Magazine art

Maybe you are already beginning to run low on art supplies or simply cannot face another day of scrubbing paint off the walls. Take a step back from complicated art that take a day to produce and have some fun with magazine art. Everybody has some old magazines stashed somewhere , the ones you were going to read again ....several years ago. Get some glue a background paper , scissors and cut to your hearts content . This is great for all age groups there is no right or wrong and all work can be combined together and will enhance each other. Post your work to #quarantinewithkids





Knitting with kids ..another way to do maths

Knitting is the method of  linking lots of loops of yarn together to make a piece of fabric. People have been knitting for thousands of years. All you need is some yarn and a pair of knitting needles.