Imelda Quinlan

Imelda's love of nature and yarn is deeply rooted in her childhood, growing up in Ireland. The soft undulating landscape and ever-changing skies along with the soft fluffy sheep that graze contently on patchwork landscapes, have always been an inspiration.
Some of her earliest memories are of her Grandmother sitting by the fire, needles clicking as she made a special sweater for her family. Each sweater design was carefully chosen and lovingly knitted. The sweater was treasured and worn until too small and passed down to the next family member.  This connection with the yarn, the uniqueness of the garment and craft of the maker left a deep and positive impression.

She graduated from NCAD, Dublin, Ireland with a BDES in Fashion. However it soon became apparent that she couldn't reconcile herself to the waste and the hedonic treadmill that fast fashion brought with it.
She quickly realised that all trends were cyclical and that these trends were the results of marketing. Fast fashion trends were removing the individuality of people. She also had a growing concern for the environmental and social damage of fashion. Disillusioned at the superficial nature of fashion she changed career path and worked in another industry.

However there remained a deeply rooted dream to build a label that was kind, both socially and environmentally.  The catalyst to action occurred in 2013, when the terrible contrast of two simultaneous events haunted her. The first joyous occasion was the birth of her daughter, in the same period the horrific 'Rana Plaza disaster' occurred, (1134 garment workers lost their lives and approx. 2500 were rescued from the rubble).
The complete dichotomies of their lives haunted Imelda, she was full of hope and joy for the future of her daughter whereas these men and women had been robbed of theirs. Their lives were destroyed simply because they had gone to work to make clothes for us. This injustice inspired her to learn more about sustainable and Eco fashion.

All this led her to a four year journey. During this period she moved with her family to Berlin, to research and learn about knit and sustainable fashion. In Berlin she studied knit at the Electronic and Textile Institute Berlin.  She met with some very inspiring leaders in Sustainable fashion.

Today the range are designed and made by Imelda , she is also working on two collaborations with artisan initiatives and each piece is fair trade for the benefit of all people.


There is no compromise to quality as each piece is created by hand with individual love and attention.

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