The Story

I love to tell a story through the medium of yarn. By taking one single strand of fibre there are an infinite amount of fabrics that can created.  Colours can be combined to tell a subtle story such as  light moving through water or celebrating the miracle of an elusive bright rainbow that spans our view.  Using two knitting  needles or the needle bed of my vintage machines, I can take these journeys with yarn. I can turn orange sunsets into bright winter hats or yellow shells  into fairy crowns.  The same strands can give life to cuddly cats or timid rabbits. Twist and working the yarn can produce ripples like water , popcorns like bubbles popping on the fabric or fine lace which is like a spider's web . With knit there is no waste , no factory floor cut offs , the shape is created  with only the required amount of yarn.  Yarn also comes is so many different fibres and has so many different qualities.  For example Merino wool , soft and warm in winter  or cool in summer.  Bamboo  yarn perfect for vegans which feels like cashmere and silk or the sustainable nettle yarn which does not damage the environment and may be a popular choice for the future.

Knit is steeped in the traditions of our past with stories which can be translated to our now.   It has been the cottage industry in Ireland which sustained many families . This is why I have collaborated with a wonderful initiative in India which educates and trains women in knit to enable them to support their families . Each garment is made by one person and is a source of pride and love. For me it is  a marriage of artisan skills with modern design and colour.  Promoting artisan craft enables us to become better environmental influencers and impactful shoppers. Choosing Slow brands that are made by artisans is a sustainable solution to resolving poverty. This is the best method of  empowering people by paying a fair wage and increase their exposure and skills. We can take the responsibility to be a part of this story and to improve the world whilst enjoying wonderfully crafted pieces.