International Women’s day

International Women’s day and the textile industry

Thoughts on  International Women’s day

I waved goodbye to my daughter as she walked through the school gates and wished her a Happy International Women’s Day.  As I said the words I thought about how I  really feel about it. How does it affect me, my daughter, and millions of women all over the world?

My daughter and I  are in the privileged position to live in a so-called first-world country. My daughter will go to school today in safety and come home, have something to eat, and will do her homework, at 7 she is confident that she can be whoever she wants and her biggest worry will be whether I allow her to watch cartoons before bed or not. Her privilege has been hard-won by many generations of women who stood up for equality and worked together to change the future.  However, there are many women who still struggle to survive so I wanted to think today about how we can as women look at ways we can support each other and give to this and future generations of women

Because ethical textile and fashion is my passion, I want to bring attention to this industry. In the textile industry. Fashion creates millions of jobs especially for women which in theory could be a very positive aspect and could be contributing to help millions out of poverty, however in reality many of these workers are expected to work long hours in substandard situations for a minimum wage that does not cover the everyday cost of living. There have even been documented cases of modern slavery in Fashion. It’s often overwhelming and easy to despair if we can really help or if we can ever change anything. We are bombarded by images of inequality and environmental devastation every day and that compiled with the real stresses and pressures we face every day, it’s easier to switch off and say this problem is bigger than us.   But we truly can make a difference, The choices we make when we purchase fashion and textiles can really contribute to the plight of others. When we choose sustainable and ethically produced garments, we are reaching a hand to help and support women working in the textile and garment industry. We are making a conscious decision to change the future and allow generations of women and girls a chance to build a future. International women’s day is not just about a few women aiming high it’s about ensuring that nobody is left behind and that we share to become more powerful as a whole. This day is more than a Gif or a clever animated Instagram post, it’s a day representing how we should think for 365 days a year. A day to reflect and question how we can support each other more and give every girl a chance to become her best self.